About us - we are currently relocating and unable to take orders.

Curlew Slide-on Campers is an Australian owned and operated business

 located in Turkey Beach, Queensland. 

 Born from our experience and desire to travel to remote areas while being able to tow a boat and still have some home comforts, it became obvious that there was a need for a Slide-on Camper that was lightweight and strong, as well as water and dust proof.

We wanted a holiday solution that could be:
    • fully self contained,
    • set up for comfort in a short space of time
    • easy to remove from the vehicle
    • usable on or off the vehicle
    • set up with annexes or awnings if required

 Curlew Slide-on Campers have been designed to be practical and functional, light-weight, durable and are built tough to handle Australia’s harsh conditions, including remote dirt tracks.  Other advantages include:

    •           easy to garage at home
    • easy to load
    • no registration required
    • able to tow a trailer/boat
    • a great motorhome alternative, giving you comfort and freedom to move easily

 Our range of campers is able to be carried by most utilities, both 2 and 4 wheel drive.

 Made from locally manufactured composite fibreglass foam construction and cut on site they are available in hard top or pop top models.

 Curlew Slide-on Campers are suitable for all tray sizes and are custom-built to suit your vehicle’s capacity. 

The fit-out can be customized to your requirements.

We usually hold very few, if any, campers in stock as each camper fit out varies according to the user’s request.

Versatility, functionality and simplicity are the key design factors.

To meet customer demand, Curlew is now manufacturing an exciting range of Camper Trailers and Slide-ons for 2wd and 4wd trucks from the same materials.